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The Benefits of Off-Season Training

The Benefits of Off-Season Training

How can an athlete take their fitness and performance to the next level during the off-season?

Let’s look at 3 key reasons athletes need to use the off-season to take their fitness and performance to the next level.

1. Getting back to homeostasis.

During the season, your body works hard to maintain a state of balance known as homeostasis. Within intensive games and practices, the wide effects of training on the heart, lungs, and other major body systems provides a challenge to maintaining homeostasis both during and after the season. Implementing a planned, periodic training program in the off-season will allow an athlete to adapt and recover to the stresses of training, which in result better prepares the athlete for the upcoming season.

2. Injury-Prevention

The days of “no pain, no gain” or give 110% are gone. Injury Prevention is at the forefront of training programs both pre- and post- season. Our athletes at CATZ that train consistently, even just one time per week, stay health and strong. They have a significantly lower rate of injury, which is one reason we have produced high level athletes.

Here are some key injury prevention techniques our top sports performance coaches use during off-season training:

– Unilateral Training (Single Leg, using one leg versus two)
– Flexibility
– Mobility
– Recovery (Physical Therapy modalities used before and after training sessions)
– Proper Nutrition & Hydration

3. Maximize Strength & Power

More time to train and less time to play your sport gives an athlete the best opportunity to maximize their athleticism. The off-season is the prime time for you to rebuild your athletic base and gain strength and explosiveness going into the next season. A systematic approach to training that involves stability, conditioning, strength and power will allow an athlete to improve upon the previous season.

If you’re looking to get faster, jump higher, or become more agile, join us this summer at CATZ for our Elite Performance Training program!