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Custom-fit Knee Braces

About Custom-fit Knee Braces

Patients who desire or require maximum control after experiencing a ligament injury and/or reconstructive knee surgery will benefit from custom-fit knee brace services.


  • Custom molded laminated carbon graphite shells.
  • Townsend Motion TMS+ Hinges.
  • Extension stop kit.
  • Exclusive Synergistic Suspension Strap.
  • Anti-rotation tibia shell (Air Townsend).


  • Non-standard length shells.
  • Anti-migration strap padding.
  • Hinge material – aluminum or stainless.
  • Special trim lines for skiers, rodeo riders, hockey goalies, and full figure model for soft tissue containment.
  • Flexion stop kit.
  • A variety of colors or fabric inlay.