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Treating the lower back the Catz way!

The objective of the Trunction program is to provide a safe, yet effective means to treat low back pain. The program combines traditional trunk stabilization exercises with functional strengthening activities that have been designed and successfully implemented at CATZ for several years. Progression through the program is based on performance and symptoms. This means that the patient is not allowed to perform a higher level exercise until they can demonstrate proficiency in the lower level activities without pain.

At CATZ Physical Therapy, it is felt that in order to return the patient back to a physically demanding job or sport it is not enough to simply strengthen the trunk in an isolated fashion. It is also critical to realize the role the hips and lower extremities play in the function of the lumbar spine. It is important to coordinate the lower extremities with the trunk by teaching proper techniques in transferring forces. These movement patterns are imprinted on the neuromotor system through repetition and then strengthened with progressive resistance.

Successful and pain free performance of a number of advanced level exercises serve as a criteria for discharge and return to work and/or sports. At this time, patients are given a home flexibility, strength, and balance program. They may also choose to enroll in an athletic development class offered by FitSport Kinetics.  All FitSport coaches work closely with the Catz PT staff and competently handle the transition from rehab to general fitness training and/or a sports performance program.

At CATZ Physical Therapy, this philosophy and systematic exercise progression has been highly successful in the rehabilitation of both chronic and acute low back pain sufferers, including those that have undergone spinal surgery. The pelvic stabilization techniques do not abnormally stress any structures in the lumbar spine with specific emphasis on the functional spine position, this program can be carried out by patients with a degenerative or herniated disc, facet or capsular impingement, spinal stenosis or any mechanical dysfunction that may cause low back pain. Once a basic level of trunk strength is achieved our program progresses beyond the normal routine of flexion and extension exercises and places a strong emphasis on the rotational, multiplanar aspect so important both in daily life and in competitive sports.

A strong emphasis on functional training assures the patient an expedient return to work or sport.