Catz Sports Performance and Fitness Training

Catz Pasadena is a fully integrated, state-of-the-art, fitness and performance training brand. Our purpose is simple, optimizing peak athletic performance. The methodology offers proven performance training for athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all ages, and anyone seeking an increase in ability, speed, agility, performance and strength. Our facilities and programs also put an emphasis on conditioning and training designed to reduce injury in competition, and is complimented by our on-site physical therapy and sports medicine which is conducted by highly skilled professionals.

Other Partners : LA Premier Football Club

LA Premier FC is a sporting organization with a unique and distinguished focus on leading and guiding young people of all races and economic situations to the destination of a brighter future and a better life. We use athletic competition, in this case, the sport of soccer, as the platform to accomplish our youth development goals. Our vision is to provide professional and collegiate opportunities for our players and to make a positive impact on players’ lives. Sport and soccer is the beacon that brings youth to us.
  • The preeminent training center for youth players in the US.
  • We offer a platform for talented youth to play professionally in US. and throughout the world.
  • We’ve increased opportunities and options for economically disadvantaged players.
  • We provide training and exposure for youth players of all abilities.
  • We stand alone as the best known and most highly respected club in the country. We are recognized as a national brand.
  • We win on the field, including wins against the National teams of U.S.A. and Mexico. And having both Development Academy teams in the National finals in July and then having the U18 team in the nationally televised game rocketed LA Premier FC to national prominence.

Other Partners: USC Biomechanics

USC’s Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy Human Performance Lab is state-of-the-art motion analysis technology for assessing ACL injury risk and rehabilitation, strength and conditioning needs and readiness to return. The Human Performance Lab suite of offerings includes: RETURN TO PLAY, BASELINE TEAM EVALUATIONS, CONCUSSION ASSESSMENT and recovery, TRIO LACTATE TESTING, and CYCLE INJURY and recovery.